Epicor ERP

Dibrax is an established specialist in Epicor ERP software. We can help you implement and improve Epicor systems to achieve your business aims. We’re also here to help if an Epicor ERP installation hasn’t worked out the way you needed it to.

Epicor is enterprise-level ERP software that maximises productivity across large and global organisations. It serves more than 20,000 customers in more than 150 countries – and Dibrax is particularly active in helping businesses in the manufacturing, engineering and distribution sectors implement Epicor systems to achieve their business goals.

Dibrax brings many years of wider ERP expertise to its Epicor services, and we specialise in working with companies to get the best from multinational installations of their chosen ERP software.

At Dibrax we offer three main Epicor services: implementation, improvement and project recovery. Read on to learn more about them.

Epicor Implementation

If you have chosen Epicor as your ERP software, we bring many years of combined Epicor experience to achieve a successful implementation in even the most complex business settings.

Epicor Improvement

When your business changes, you need to make sure your ERP software evolves with it. If you don’t, your business processes might begin to hamper rather then help the new ways in which you work.