Asset Management

Dibrax can work with you to install the best asset management solution possible. No matter what size your business or how complex your operations, our specialists can bring expertise of corporate experience to focus on your processes. Our team will identify your needs, review the pros and cons of various product lines and recommend an efficient, cost effective solution.

You will never again have to wonder why there is surplus stock in the warehouse, where the AV equipment is hiding or who took that new calibrator out of the tool room last week. With RMS Dibrax’s support, you can select an asset management package that is just right for your business. You will then be in absolute control of your assets.

Features of Asset Management Software

Typical features of asset management software include:

  • Barcode labeling that includes all info you need such as serial number, lot number, expiration date, vendor details
  • Simple, intuitive label design and printing
  • Accurate barcode scanning
  • User defined fields
  • Accurate, complete physical counts
  • Accurate, real time tracking of location, movement and usage of any item
  • Accurate, real time tracking of a manufacturing process
  • Identification and tracking of people
  • Capacity to import and export with Microsoft® Excel
  • Robust SQL Database
  • Robust reporting with scope and sort capabilities
  • Purchasing history and depreciation calculations
  • Detailed vendor purchasing records

Benefits of Tracking Software

You will appreciate the immediate benefits of asset management software including:

  • Elimination of stock shortages or oversupply thanks to real time info on stock levels
  • Increased productivity as there is no more searching for items especially ones that are shared such as audio visual equipment, tools and machinery
  • Reduction, if not elimination of time and money lost on stolen or misplaced items
  • Reduced liability for errors in manufacturing processes; e.g., time delays in processing perishables
  • Integration with other systems such as accounting or shipping

In order to support both your immediate and your longer term management of your assets, you can decide what kind of reports you want to produce for:

  • Day to day monitoring of employee performance
  • Quality control monitoring of processes
  • Operational planning, including purchasing and resource deployment
  • Financial planning
  • Strategic planning for expansion of facilities or changes to product lines

All benefits have an impact on the effectiveness and the financial profile of your operations. Installing an appropriate asset management technology solution creates an environment of accountability. Accurate, up to date data collection encourages employees at all levels of your business to take more care with their part of the process from storing, shipping items or using items to purchasing or generating invoices.

Because you can access data for all receiving and movement of assets, the time taken for each part of the process and the resources needed to make it happen, you will be able to calculate the real costs for each transaction. In these days of slim profit margins, you will have an edge, confident in the accuracy of your data for current and projected operating costs and for asset equity.

Taking the Next Step

Although there are many excellent software products available for asset management, they each have unique features. Dibrax has the experience and expertise to help you make a wise choice based on your particular needs, including a scalability capacity to allow for expansion in size or product line. Our professionals can recommend appropriate hardware and make sure you have a total package with ongoing support as you need it.