Mobile Device Management Software Applications

The team at Dibrax understands the challenges of an increasingly mobile workforce. Whether your employees are using rugged mobile computers, smartphones or tablets, there is a concern about connectivity, data security, communication among users and actual apps. If you allow staff to use their own devices for company business, you have introduced another set of issues.

In order to manage the growing number of mobile devices and all their applications across your operations, you need an efficient, integrated mobile device management (MDM) software solution. You want to be confident all the devices are monitored, secure and equipped with the right apps.

Dibrax is ready to walk you through a review of your current operations, a discussion of your plans for the future and an assessment of the pros and cons of various technology options. Learn more about some of our recommended software solutions below.

2X Parallels is Dibrax trusted partner who can provide you with full function MDM software. The 2X Parallels suite of products is able to:

  • Coordinate a variety of devices such as mobile computers, tablets and smartphones from different manufacturers
  • Integrate various operating systems and platforms
  • Safeguard security of corporate data while providing easy access for workers
  • Mass Deploy Apps To Groups Of Devices