RFID Tracking Solutions

RFID tracking technology is the ideal solution for busy, high volume operations such as manufacturing and warehouses, delivery services and healthcare or anywhere you want quick, comprehensive data capture. An RFID system encodes information about product on tags that contain antennas that receive and transmit radio signals to readers. There are active tags, usually with a battery power source to continuously transmit the data, or passive tags that only transmit when activated by the reader.

Benefits of RFID Technology

The key features of RFID technology solutions include:

  • Tags do not have to be seen in order to read the data so tracking product or people can occur from anywhere within a predetermined range
  • No limit to amount of data that can be stored
  • Capacity to read up to 200 tags at once
  • No tight controls about position of tags on item as long as they are not blocked by metals or water
  • Functional inside and outside, even in harsh environments

This flexibility with RFID results in faster workflow, increased productivity and greater accuracy than a manual or barcode system.

Components of RFID Tracking Systems

There are three main components to RFID tracking solutions:

  • Printers which digitally encode accurate, complete data in the RFID tag; either desk top or handheld to be at point-of-application
  • RFID tags or labels that are available with many options such as Gen1 or Gen2, HF or UHF, depending on what you need for storage capacity, substances in environment, reading distance and volume to be processed at one time
  • Readers that can be fixed or handheld, depending on flexibility needed for volume, configuration or storage facility, density of data images and visibility in the field; some devices can also read barcode images

If you are considering a switch to an RFID tracking solution, or an upgrade to the system you already have, don’t be overwhelmed by all the options available. Our team of specialists can walk you through your operations, identify your need and recommend the best solutions for your particular business.