Warehouse Management Solutions

Manufacturers, distributor and third party logistics companies all rely on the timely and accurate information regarding inventory levels, increased employee productivity, improved order accuracy, reduced order processing time and order to ship time. Warehouse barcoding solutions streamline the supply chain operations improving overall productivity and profits.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage Terminal Hand Held Computer Extreme fluctuations in temperatures create challenges to ordinary wireless computers. The changes in temperature from freezer to loading dock can create condensation which causes computer screens to fog up, keyboards to seize up and internal parts to corrode. Dibrax offers wireless freezer computers and terminals to handle the extremes of cold storage. Download a white paper: The Cold Hard Facts About Using Mobile Computers in Cold Storage Environments


Manufacturing operations range from Work-in- Progress, Order Picking and Staging, Receiving, Product Labeling and Shipping. Dibrax carries a full line of manufacturing product solutions such as fixed mount and handheld computers, industrial printers and inventory control software.

Warehouse Distribution

Timely and accurate information is the key to minimizing costly inventory investments. With mobile computing solutions you will be able to track in real time, reducing order processing and ship time, as well as improving order accuracy, reducing inventory levels and increasing employee productivity.